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How to sign up for VITA?


ACCT 595D - 4 unit course which requires 8 working days at the VITA site. 

Grading: A - F

ACCT 575 (INTERNSHIP) - 4 unit course which requires 10 working days.


Grading: Credit/No Credit

The VITA Program is an excellent opportunity for students to gain exposure on campus and in the community.  As an added benefit, members that volunteer gain valuable practical experience in income tax preparation which is a life skill. 


Email the instructor: Make sure you type: I want to join VITA in the subject line. In the body of your message type your name, CSUSB student email address, and phone # and type of enrollment you want (ACCT 595D or ACCT 575). Include your student ID # in the body of the message or call your ID# into the VITA office at 909-537-3992. Please send the message from your CSUSB student email account to use for VITA correspondence. You will need to check messages at least daily.

After you send the email asking to join VITA, sign up (list will be on the door of JB-436) for an interview time. Interviews are conducted to test your communication skills. You will be asked a general question or two. No need to prepare in advance. Your enrollment request will be processed after you successfully complete the interview. Returning CSUSB VITA students do not need to interview.

NOTE: If VITA will create an overload for you, include that in your email. Enrollments are processed once a week beginning early November through early January.

You will need to complete certifications as instructed by the coordinator.

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