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Who can join the CSUSB Accounting Association?

Membership in the CSUSB Accounting Association is open to all accounting, finance, and information management students, regardless of class level or GPA. Members are strongly encouraged to participate in as many Beta Alpha Psi events as possible, but there are no attendance requirements to be a member.


Already a member of or eligible to join Beta Alpha Psi?

We encourage all students and Beta Alpha Psi members to join both organizations!   


Accounting Association is a stepping stone to develop professionally and serves as a platform for students at the junior level status to join the national accounting honors organization: Beta Alpha Psi.

Why should I join?

Being a member of the Accounting Association has many benefits. First, membership looks great on your resume. Employers are looking for students who do more than just sit in class—they want employees who were active on campus while in college and who show that they are capable of successfully maintaining a busy schedule.

Second, every week, the Accounting Association & the Beta Alpha Psi - Iota Eta Chapter invite different guest speakers from various business sectors. Our speakers come from local CPA firms, governmental accounting agencies, public companies, private companies, for-profit, not-for-profit and CPA review courses. Students can benefit in learning about the firm, asking questions about the speakers experience and advice to follow the professional's footsteps.

Third, the Accounting Association offers opportunities to participate in Beta Alpha Psi's extracurricular events such as firm tours, mixers, Meet the Firms (during Fall semester), and other such events that you won’t want to miss.

The last main reason that you should join the Accounting Association is that you will have an opportunity to network. You will become friends with fellow students (and possibly future coworkers) entering into the same field as you. You will get to know potential employers. You will establish yourself as a professional in the community.

How do I join?

You can join the Accounting Association at any time from fall through spring, but why wait? 


We send weekly emails to members  updating them in on upcoming events, scholarship/internships, job opportunities and information on Meetings and Cal CPA. 

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