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Spring 2021 Community Sevice Opportunity

Community service opportunity (1)

CalCPA and Beta Alpha Psi have come together to provide you a great community service opportunity. Beta Alpha Psi and CalCPA are putting together two big events:

1.       The Spring Connection (we will be having 14 firms) on May 14th, 5-7 PM hosted by BAP.

2.       Pathway to Licensure hosted by CSUSB and CalCPA in collaboration with the California Board of Accountancy on May 4th, 4-5:15 PM.

There will be a raffle during both events, including a few CPA review course scholarships among other great prices. We want to include you in the success of these events and at the same time earn community service hours. All you need to do is give a 5-minute announcement during your classes and encourage students to attend. For every class, you share the flyers, and registration links, we will count it as 30 minutes towards your community service hours that you are required to have for each semester as a BAP member. All you will need to do is ask your professor if you can share details of the events, take a screenshot of you sharing the flyers or links, and send it to Audrey, your VP of membership and reporting will be adding your time at the end of the semester. We are currently working on the flyers; hence we will share the flyers and event information as soon they are ready. 


Community service opportunity (2)

Claudia, CalCPA ambassador, is looking for volunteers to help with the planning for the Pathway to CPA Licensure event. Please email her at, if interested.


She is looking for the following volunteers:

1. Prior to the event (two volunteers)

  • To help reaching out to other accounting department schools by email, or just get a list of emails or phone numbers from other Beta Alpha Psi chapters in surrounding areas, and other neighboring schools. An email template has already been created.

  • Help with promoting the event to other accounting classes and students by giving a 5-minute announcement to different accounting classes. 

2. The day of the event (four volunteers needed)

  • Needs a student to monitor with Zoom waiting room.

  • Needs a student to take role during the event as we will be giving e-gift cards to the first 50 students to register and to the first 50 students to join the event.  

  • Needs a student to monitor the chatroom. 

  • Needs a student to send out a list of the attendees to the appropriate professor for extra credit. 

Please know the time you spend volunteering, it will count towards your community service hours. 


Aside from these options, you are generally free to pick any outlet for community service you wish! No matter which in-person activity you take part in, be sure to have a supervisor sign the verification form! 

Community Service Form
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