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Spring 2021 Tutoring: 

Beta Alpha Psi's tutoring is a volunteer tutoring service offered at varying times based on the availability of our members. Beta Alpha Psi Members and Officers provide tutoring to accounting students as a service to benefit and enhance the learning of students. 

​​To better help the students of CSUSB, We will be offering focused weeks of tutoring to take place during the following dates:


  • February 22nd-26th

  • April 5th-9th

  • April 12th-16th

  • May 10th-14th

We encourage interested students to contact to book an appointment with Beta Alpha Psi tutoring. If you desire tutoring outside of those dates, please contact us so we can arrange for someone to meet with you over zoom.

  • BAP Tutoring: Students may refer to the Tutoring Schedule for times offered (click here) or email us at for accommodations on case by case basis.

  • They may also utilize the campus tutoring services in University Hall.

  • Additionally, we encourage you to visit Farhat’s Accounting Lectures, a free YouTube series that helps to reinforce accounting principles.

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